The Portuguese did undoubtedly introduce this to the world in the 17th century but with the passage of time Indian tobacco has made many inroads and is taking the world by its stride. Indian tobacco is now getting more and more recognition by many countries and is considered as a world's most dependable source for its unique quality and competitive prices.

It is a known fact that india has emerged as the 3rd largest producer of tobacco with a production of + 700 million kgs.

It is also the 3rd largest producer of flue cured virginia tobacco with a production of + 250 million kgs.

  • It is also the 4th largest exporter of tobacco exporting around + 142 million kgs.
  • It is also the 12th largest producer of cigarettes manufacturing around + 108 billion pieces.
  • It is also the largest producer of non-cigarette tobacco with its production exceeding + 430 million kgs.
  • Indian tobacco is today exported directly to over 100 countries across the globe.
  • In terms of value–indian tobacco exports exceed + 300 million us $.
  • Excise duty to the tune of over + 1.5 billion us $ is being contributed to the indian government in its revenue kitty.

Indian tobacco has a splendid variety in the offing which includes flue cured virginia , light air cured burley , burley hybrid, dark air/sun cured tobacco (cigarette variety), a wide range of chewing tobacco, hookah tobacco , bidi tobacco , cigar wrapper, & filter tobacco, oriental and dark fire cured tobacco. India's rich and varied geographic and agro-climatic conditions also makes india's tobacco made available for export throughout the year.

The indian tobacco industry infrastructure and sophistication is also growing day after day.

Today we have in india more that 15 state-of -the-art technology threshing plants and umpteen re-drying factories with annual processing capacity of +350 million kgs.

Packaging in cfc boxes (cartons) of 200kg or 100kg bales (guntur type) wrapped in jute bags with inside liners/craft paper.

India has also in recent years seen a face-lift in national highways connecting major tobacco growing areas and major seaports at chennai-mumbai-visakhapatnam and kandla.